Sunday, 12 April 2015

Cross Monday Week 54

OK, so this really is the latest Cross Monday ever!  The flash on my camera is broken and I kept forgetting to take a photo during the day! This also means I hardly stitched at all either but I did manage to complete the red chain on the inside so some success! 

I think I may have found the alphabet I need too... unfortunately not in any of the books that Oma lent me, but the internet may have come good!  The letters are 18 squares high, and Little Owl's first name (which is the longest) will be 161 squares wide, in a space of 220 squares so it will definitely fit and won't look lost. 

I have 102 squares in height, so allowing for a 2 square space between letters, each row will be 20 letters meaning I could have 5 rows of letters as follows:

??th April 2012
I just think that it will look a bit crowded, especially as Little Owl's names are quite long.  I can take out the Wednesday but then have to fill the space.  I think that might mean I could get another vine in, but I would have to be really sure of my numbers as it doesn't leave room for error! 

I also don't have numbers in the new font, so would have to make them up.  Or I could leave the date in the old font, which would stop it looking so crowded.  If I do that, I could keep the Wednesday.

Oh I don't know!!!

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