Hello and welcome to my blog!  My name is Becky aka Laughing Owl and I live in Sussex with my husband Papa Owl and our beautiful daughter Willemina aka Little Owl.  We are also kept company by our three cats Laurel, Bonnie and Clyde.

My life with Papa Owl can be neatly divided into pre and post 2011.  Pre-2011 our lives were full of adventures, mainly overseas.  We took full advantage of the school summer holidays (yes, we are both teachers) and have been known to go straight from school to the airport on the last day of term!  Our biggest adventure had to be when we took a train (well several trains) from our home town in Sussex, all the way to Hong Kong!

2011 changed all of that.  First we bought a house, a great big house, but a house that needed lots of work doing to it - and predictably, more work than we realised!  A month after we got the keys to our house, we got married!  It was a fairy-tale day, the sun shone and everything was perfect!

If life didn't seem crazy enough, a month later we found out we were expecting Little Owl!  That focused our minds a little, and the direction we were heading with the new house had to include a nursery sooner than we had thought!

So now we are on the biggest adventure of them all - parenthood!

Through this blog I hope to share stories of our family, the adventures we go on together and to record the progress of our house renovations.

I hope you enjoy our story.

Laughing Owl x


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