Kitchen Tales

From time to time I share a recipe on my blog.  I'm no chef and from Papa Owl's laughter when he read the post Backwards Meal, he would say I'm no domestic goddess either!  Don't expect haute cuisine, but a few of my trusted recipes, a few new ones I come across and the occasional disaster that I just have to share for the laughter! 

Trusted Recipes

Banana Flapjacks - a true favourite!

Pancakes - not just for Shrove Tuesday
Rainbow Cake 
Sangam Dal

Requires Improvement

Coconut chutney

Top Tips

Spice tin - to follow
How to Crack a Coconut

Tales From the Kitchen

Baking with a toddler 
Easter Treats

Mealtime Tales

Backwards Meal
How do you eat yours?
Dinner Alfresco
All by Myself...

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