Each week I review one of Little Owl's outfits.  Some of them I have bought new, others I have bought second hand, and some are hand-me-downs.  Either way, I think Little Owl looks great and I love sharing them with you!  If you are a brand and would to see Little Owl wearing your clothes, please do get in touch by emailing laughingowlsblog@gmail.com

Our favourite brands available in the UK are: Cath Kidson, H&M, LittleBird, Livie&Luca, M&S, Maxomorra, Me&i, Monsoon and Mothercare.  I like to shop in TK Max where I discover new brands, and online, Little Sunflowers has a great range of childrens clothes.  In Holland we like Hema and V&A, and in India, Westside is the place to shop.   
Trousers: M&S   Shoes: Livie&Luca
Cardigan, Skirt & Socks: Little Bird @ Mothercare  Shoes: Livie&Luca
Top: Boots Gloves: Mothercare Shoes: Livie&Luca
Dress: Me&i Tights: Boots  Shoes: Livie&Luca

Top & Leggings: Westside Shoes: Livie&Luca
Trousers: H&M  Boots: Mothercare Stripes: Home made
Cardigan and top: M&S Shoes: Livie&Luca
Cardigan & Socks: M&S Dress: Westside Shoes: Livie&Luca
Jacket: H&M Top: M&S Shorts: TK Max Shoes: Livie&Luca

Dress: Monsoon Shoes: Livie & Luca

Clothes: Hema Hat: H&M Shoes: Livie & Luca
Dress: CathKidson  Cardigan: H&M  Shoes: Livie&Luca

 Clothes & Sunglasses: Monsoon  Shoes: Livie&Luca
Shirt: Next  Shorts: H&M
Sunglasses and Playsuit: Monsoon  Shoes: Livie&Luca
Hat: H&M T-Shirt: Me&i Shorts: H&M Shoes: Livie&Luca
Hat: H&M Dress: Me&i Shoes: Livie&Luca
Clothes: V&A
Hat: H&M Top: M&S Shoes: Livie&Luca
Clothes: M&S Shoes: Converse

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